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280 Best Breathing Quotes To Keep You Calm

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Breathing is the most basic and vital for living creatures. We cannot live without breathing. If you are having a bad day and are looking for some relaxation, then simply breathing is one way to help. For the most part, breathing is involuntary. But taking a few moments throughout the day to practice mindful breathing can change your health, perspective, and even your choices.

Regular breathing practice offers many mental, emotional, and physical health benefits. Yogic and Buddhist sages have known this for thousands of years. They’ve made conscious, deep breathing a central part of their practice precisely because it’s so effective at taming an overactive mind. The Buddha specifically taught mindfulness breathing meditation as a way to transform suffering and increase inner peace. Adopting a daily breathing practice can be a game-changer in helping you cope with life’s demands, curveballs, and challenges.

To help, we compiled a list of the best and most inspiring quotes about breathing. These quotes on breathing illustrate the power behind this practice. May these 20 quotes be a gentle reminder and source of inspiration that reconnects you with your breath’s calming and healing power.

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280 Inspiring Quotes About Breathing

Top 10 Breathing Quotes

“You honestly expect me to breathe in a world without air?” – Renee Ahdieh

“When you are depressed and life is a snarl, then is the time to quit thinking and just go out and breathe and breathe.” – Elizabeth Jones Towne

“We breathe when we’re wrong, we breathe when we’re right, we breathe even as we slip off the ledge toward an early grave. It cannot be undone. So I breathe.” – Tahereh Mafi

“The most powerful tool for healing lies within you — your breath.” – Deborah Davis

“The air we breathe is still free, but for how much time. I believe someone is busy patenting it to start selling it for profit.” – Bangambiki Habyarimana

“One should cultivate the habit of full breathing, through the nostrils, at all times.” – Elizabeth Jones Towne

“Let the air become you, and then leave you. Forgive each breath because although it abandons you, every single time, it is also brings you life. A man who cannot forgive the air has no chance of living.” – Edmond Manning

“Learn to use your chest and diaphragm all sorts of ways. But aim for the full, even, rhythmic breath, up, out and down, as the habit-breath.” – Elizabeth Jones Towne

“No matter what we eat, how much we exercise, how resilient our genes are, how skinny or young or wise we are — none of it will matter unless we’re breathing correctly.” – James Nestor

“My whole body felt weak and hollow, like in one moment it might forget how to move, how to stand, how to breathe.” – Aryn Kyle

Each breath is like a little rebirth, a renaissance; that can only be celebrated if we recognise that it is happening!

Deep Breathing Quotes

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“Take a deep breath. Let the rest come easy.”

“Take a deep breath. Let out all the stress. You deserve to be okay.”

“Take a deep breath. It calms the mind.” – Regina Brett

“Take a deep breath. Inhale peace. Exhale happiness.”” – A.D. Posey

“Take a deep breath. Get present in the moment and ask yourself what is important this very second.” – Greg McKeown

“Take a deep breath, relax and imagine yourself exactly as you wish to be.” – Brian Tracy

“Take a deep breath, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.” – Frank Sinatra

“Take a deep breath, listen to your favorite song and realize everything is gonna be okay, nothing is permanent.” – Camila Cabello

“Take a deep breath in through your nose and feel the cool air fill your lungs, then exhale slowly out through your mouth.”

“Take a deep breath every morning; say thank you for your health. The alternative is unbelievably tough.” – Gary Jobson

“Take a deep breath and think of the three things you are grateful for, right in this moment.” – M. J. Ryan

“Take a deep breath and tell us your deepest, darkest secret, so we can wipe our brow and know that we’re not alone.” – Alan Watts

“Take a deep breath and let the stress of the day wash away.”

“Take a deep breath and focus on what’s really important.” – Wayne Dyer

“Take a deep breath and enjoy your life.”

“Take a deep breath and do the difficult thing first.” – Mary Anne Radmacher

“Whenever you feel overwhelmed, just remember to take a deep breath and start again.”

“When I stopped to pay attention to where my breathing was deep and settled, the truth began to emerge from the mist.” – Betsy Cañas Garmon

“We breathe our deepest during sleep. When we are in the state of full rest. We are able to be.” – J.R. Rim

“There is no difference between your breathing and the breathing of the rain forest, between your bloodstream and the world’s rivers, between your bones and the chalk cliffs of Dover.” – Deepak Chopra

“The best way to remove stress is to take a deep breath and let it out slowly.”

“The best cough syrup ever prescribed for weak lungs is a ten minutes practice of deep breathing.” – George L. Beardsley

“Special exercises for the lungs, that is, conscious deep breathing exercises for a specific period of time, will give results which few realize. It is all so simple that most of us cannot believe it, like all truths.” – Edward Lankow

“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.” – Your Tango

“Smile, breathe, take it slow, and live a happy life.” – Johnny Lung

“She had been… doing the exercises she had promised Grandma to do, so she wouldn’t get the lung fever like her mammy did… rising on her toes, lifting her hands till they met overhead, pointing to the pale-blue sky, then bringing them down slowly, letting out the long breath. Ten times, breathing deep of the morning air, filling herself with refreshment while the first sun shone on the far green willows and spread itself on the water…” – Cid Ricketts Sumner

“Revenge is a caustic thing. I say, Breathe in, breathe deeply, let it go.” – Jason Statham

“I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am.” – Sylvia Plath

“He began to breathe deep, drinking the air as drunkards drink their wine…” – Guy de Maupassant

“Every moment allows you the opportunity to take a deep breath in and be grateful for the fact that you can take in a breath.” – John Assaraf

“Every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath. Smile, and start again.”

“Don’t spin your wheels and stress. Take a deep breath, center yourself and make a plan.” – Douglas Adams

“Deep breathing is the greatest cure for all physical ailments.” – Edward Lankow

“Deep breathing brings deep thinking and shallow breathing brings shallow thinking.” – Elsie Lincoln Benedict

“Conscious breathing is the best antidote to stress, anxiety, and depression.” – Amit Ray

“Conscious breathing heightens awareness and deepens relaxation.” – Dan Brule

“Breathing well means breathing more slowly and deeply. Relax, feel your breathing, and breathe comfortably. Once aware, it naturally becomes deeper and slower.” – Ilchi Lee

“Breathe in deeply to bring your mind home to your body.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

“Breathe deeply, until sweet air extinguishes the burn of fear in your lungs and every breath is a beautiful refusal to become anything less than infinite.” – D. Antoinette Foy

“A deep breath is a technique with which we minimize the number of instances where we say what we do not mean … or what we really think.” – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“If you woke up breathing, congratulations! You have another chance.” – Andrea Boydston

“I would like to say that your beauty made it difficult to breathe.” – Waylon H. Lewi

Deep breathing is our nervous system's love language. Dr. Laur'en Fogel Mersy

Keep Breathing Quotes

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“What can we do but keep on breathing in and out, modest and willing, and in our places?” – Mary Oliver

“The trick to life is to just keep breathing.” – Johnny Lung

“The practice is simply this: keep coming back to your breath during the day. Just take a moment. This will give your mind a steadiness and your breath a gracefulness…. There’s so much to let go of, isn’t there? Your nostalgia and your regrets. Your fantasies and your fears. What you think you want instead of what is happening right now. Breathe.” – Rodney Yee

“The secret to longevity is to keep breathing.” – Sophie Tucker

“Keep breathing. Just keep doing it. It’s easy. In and out.” – Jenny Downham

“Oxygen is the little black dress of life. It’s essential, but not always easy to find.” – Jennylyn Mercado

“The only way to survive after death is by breathing life into the universe before death.” – Michael Bassey Johnson

“Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.” – L. Frank Baum

“When you want wisdom and insight as badly as you want to breathe, it is then you shall have it.” – Socrates

“You’re alive and breathing. That’s a fine reason to celebrate.” – Johnny Lung

“Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation.” – Nia Peeples

“Let the breath led the way.” – Sharon Salzberg

“Whenever life gets you down, just remember to breathe. Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.”

“Remember how to breathe, how to live… please!!” – Fuyumi Soryo

“Oxygen is the enemy of fire.” – Edward M. Purcell

“The breath that you just took … that’s a gift.” – Rob Bell

“Right breathing is the art of all arts.”

“Remember, as long as you are breathing it’s never too late to start a new beginning.”

“When you inhale, you are taking the strength from God. When you exhale, it represents the service you are giving to the world.” – BKS Inyengar

“He had to get out, get some space between him and the world, just to breathe.” – Allison Brennan

“Breathing is medicine. I forgot how to breathe, but I’m learning all over again.” – Mandi Lynn

“I learned that when life pulls you under, you can kick against the bottom, break the surface, and breathe again.” – Sheryl Sandberg

“I am thankful for every breath I take, I am perfectly aware that every time I take a breath someone somewhere loses it” – Bangambiki Habyarimana

“Just breathing in can make you very happy. Allow yourself to be happy while breathing in.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

“Innovation can only occur where you can breathe free.” – Joe Biden

“Inhale, then exhale. That’s how you’ll get through it.”

“Just breathing can be such a luxury at times.”

“Inhale, exhale. Our lungs fill with air and we are alive. The simple act of breathing is often taken for granted, but it’s a miracle nonetheless.” – Cristina Marrero

“Learn how to exhale… Learn how to release the abdominal muscles in a wave-like motion and the inhale will take care of itself.” – Carla Melucci Ardito

“Just remember: when you’re feeling lost or alone, just breathe.”

“Inhale, and God approaches you. Hold the inhalation, and God remains with you. Exhale, and you approach God. Hold the exhalation, and surrender to God.” – Krishnamacharya

Listen to the sound of your breathing as if listening to the sound of music it's a beautiful sound: it's the sound of your life.

Buddha Breathing Quotes

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“Don’t let your throat tighten with fear. Take sips of breath all day and night…” – Rumi

“Do not be afraid that joy will make the pain worse; it is needed like the air we breathe.” – Goran Persson

“We just need to hang in there a little longer, spend a little more of our energy… Breathe…” – Melita Tessy

“To meditate with mindful breathing is to bring body and mind back to the present moment so that you do not miss your appointment with life.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

“Think about every good thing in your life right now. Free yourself of worrying. Let go of the anxiety, breathe. Stay positive, all is well.” – Germany Ken

“There are no lungs like the ones that breathe poetry.” – D. Antoinette Foy

“Our breathing is designed to help us release any tensions that have become so much a part of us that we no longer sense their presence.” – Carla Melucci Ardito

“Only when you explore the ecstasy of simply being, where even to breathe is a distraction, can you call yourself complete.” – Sadghuru

“Remember to breathe. It is, after all, the secret of life.” – Gilbert K. Chesterton

“Take a break. Relax. Breathe. You’re doing great.”

“Right breathing makes for long living.” – H. Addington Bruce

“Think for yourself. Ignore the noises around you that polarize and try to promote fear and division. You know better. Be better. Breathe.” – Gregory S. Williams

“Breathe for dear life and health.” – Elizabeth Jones Towne

“You’ll never really see how toxic someone is until you breathe fresher air.”

“Whenever you’re feeling down — just breathe. Everything will work its way out in the end.” – Johnny Lung

“There are around 7.6 billion people in the world, and, remarkably, even though we share the same air, we all breathe in a completely unique way — the pace, rhythm and flow of our breath is as distinctive as our thumbprint.” – Aimee Hartley

“When the breath is unsteady, all is unsteady; when the breath is still; all is still. Control the breath carefully. Inhalation gives strength and a controlled body; retention gives steadiness of mind and longevity; exhalation purifies body and spirit.” – Goraksasathakam

“When people ask me what the most important thing is in life, I answer: ‘Just breathe.’” – Yoko Ono

“Great success in singing is impossible to the vocalist who does not thoroughly understand breathing… As I have often said, a beautiful voice is only the basis of vocal progress, in the perfection of which correct breathing is the greatest technical essential.” – Nellie Melba

“Breathe happily.”

“Feelings come and go like clouds. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

“Breathing is not the same as being alive. A great number of people breathe but never live.”

“Happiness breathes when you do.” – Subscribe to Kidadl!

“Breathing is meditation; life is a meditation. You have to breathe in order to live, so breathing is how you get in touch with the sacred space of your heart.” – Willow Smith

“If you would foster a calm spirit, first regulate your breathing; for when that is under control, the heart will be at peace; but when breathing is spasmodic, then it will be troubled.” – Kariba Ekken

“I wish that I could breathe, if only I could breathe.” – Tamala Tiedemann

“Breathe in courage, breathe out fear.”

Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor. Thich Nhat Hanh

Breathing Quotes Yoga

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“When the breath wanders the mind is unsteady, but when the breath is calmed, the mind too will be still.” – Hatha Yoga Pradipika

“Let every cell dance, love in harmony and breathe through yoga poses.” – Debasish Mridha

“Breathing in, my in-breath has become deep. Breathing out, my out-breath has become slow. Breathing in, I feel calm. Breathing out, I feel at ease. Breathing in, I smile. Breathing out, I release all my worries and anxieties. Breathing in, I dwell deeply in the present moment. Breathing out, I know this is a wonderful moment. Smile… There are more than three hundred muscles in our face, and when we know how to breathe in and smile, these muscles can relax. This is “mouth yoga.”” – Thich Nhat Hanh

“Change your breathing, change your life.”

“Breathing, according to me, corresponds to taking charge of one’s own life.” – Luce Irigaray

“We live in an ocean of air like fish in a body of water. By our breathing we are attuned to our atmosphere. If we inhibit our breathing we isolate ourselves from the medium in which we exist. In all Oriental and mystic philosophies, the breath holds the secret to the highest bliss.” – Alexander Lowen

“The moon can never breathe, but it can take our breath away with the beauty of its cold, arid orb.” – Munia Khan

“When God created us, He breathed in us the Spirit of Life and put all that we need to make us great on this earth in us” – Sunday Adelaja

“Whatever is going to happen in life will happen. Just be thankful to be alive — to be breathing.” – Johnny Lung

“When you feel like life is out of focus, always return to the basics of life. Breathing. No breath, no life.” – Mr. Miyagi

“The yogi’s life is not measured by the number of his days, but by the number of his breaths.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

“The vulture embraced the chicken until its last breath.” – Russian Proverb

“When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.”

“The staff of life is not bread — it is breath. For you can live days without drink, and weeks without food. But you can only live a few minutes without air.” – Corrective Eating Society

“The oracle of breath unfolds its secrets to those who know the keys. The elements in breath are known as fire, water, earth, air and ether.”

“Breathing in, I calm body and mind. Breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment, I know this is the only moment.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

“Breathe in, take what life hands you; hold it, accept it; breathe out, let it go.” – Susan Gable

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

“Everyone breathing is broken.” – Ryan Lilly

“Breathing is the easiest thing in the world to do; therefore you can do it when you are too depressed and paralyzed to do anything else; you can breathe fully until you gain power to do something else.” – Elizabeth Jones Towne

“If you’re still breathing, you have the power to take control of your life — to take control of the world.” – Johnny Lung

“I was crying out of frustration, frustration that I could not be left alone, that no girl at this school could possibly be allowed some space to breathe and sort out her own thoughts.” – Alice Pung

“Breathe like you mean it.” – Johnny Lung

“Breathe in the good shit. Breathe out the bullshit.”


Breathing Fresh Air Quotes

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“Who will tell whether one happy moment of love, or the joy of breathing or walking on a bright morning and smelling the fresh air, is not worth all the suffering and effort which life implies?” – Erich Fromm

“You cannot breathe through another man’s nose.” – Vietnamese Proverb

“When you feel cast down, despondent, fearful, paralyzed, go out doors and breathe.” – Elizabeth Jones Towne

“Whenever you’re feeling lost or alone, just remember to breathe. Inhale hope, exhale despair.”

“The ability to breathe is a gift. Wake up grateful each day for that gift.” – Johnny Lung

“The air we breathe, the wind that blows around us, the earth that we walk upon, the lives of others around us, the most intimate things of our lives, are the place of our sleep or of our awakening.” – Jack Kornfield

“Take a moment throughout your day to focus on your breathing. Follow the inhale completely and smile through the exhale. Even a few minutes of mindful breathing can bring you peace.” – Barrie Davenport

“Pranayama is… the science of breath. It is the hub around which the wheel of life revolves.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

“Pause, breathe. Repair the universe, then proceed.”

“Oxygen makes up 21% of the air we breathe, but it makes up 100% of the air we need to survive.”

“Nose breathing is the first principle of right breathing. Mouth breathing is inadequate to the needs of the human organism.” – H. Addington Bruce

“Let go of the battle. Breath quietly and let it be. Let your body relax and your heart soften.” – Jack Kornfield

“Most adults breathe too often but do not breathe enough.” – Emily M. Bishop

“What air is there left to breathe.” – Antonio Cisneros

“We too should make ourselves empty, that the great soul of the universe may fill us with its breath.” – Laurence Binyon

“What we call ‘I’ is just a swinging door, which moves when we inhale and when we exhale.” – Shunryu Suzuki

“This air we breathe is precious, and the glaciers helped me understand that and stay focused on that.” – James Balog

“When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, that’s when you will be successful.”

“The soul lives there in the silent breath.” – Rumi

“Your breath is your anchor.”

“The nose is for breathing, the mouth is for eating.” – Proverb

“Just because you can’t see the air doesn’t mean you stop breathing, and just because you can’t see God doesn’t mean you stop believing.”

“Angels are all around us, all the time, in the very air we breathe.” – Eileen Elias Freeman

“And when I breathed, my breath was lightning.” – Black Elk

“It’s funny, but you never really think much about breathing. Until it’s all you ever think about.” – Tim Winton

“Breathe in strength, breathe out weakness.”

“It would be ridiculous to hold your breath and blame others for your inability to breathe.” – Steve Maraboli

“Each time I see you I stop breathing for a second.”

“Every breath is a resurrection.” – Gregory Orr

“Breathing is the greatest pleasure in life.” – Giovanni Papini

“Every breath you take proves just how blessed you really are.” – Johnny Lung

“Breathing meditation can quiet the mind, open the body, and develop a great power of concentration.” – Jack Kornfield

“A healthy mind has an easy breath.”

“Breathe in patience, breathe out anger.”

“Breathe in inspiration and trust yourself that the answer is yes you can.”

“As you breathe in, cherish yourself. As you breathe out, cherish all Beings.” – Dalai Lama

“Breathing affects your respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, muscular, and psychic systems, and also has a general effect on your sleep, memory, ability to concentrate, and your energy levels.” – Donna Farhi

“I wake up every day and think, ”I’m breathing! It’s a good day.” – Eve Ensler

“I am in health, I breathe…” – William Shakespeare

“He who only half breathes, only half lives.” – Sanskrit proverb

“I want to breathe the same air as you every minute of every day of my life. No matter how many timelines I live.” – Blake Crouch

“He who has bad breath cannot smell it.” – Namibian Proverb

“Breathing dreams like air.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald


Breathing Love Quotes

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“With life as short as a half-taken breath, do not plant anything but love.” – Rumi

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” – Marcus Aurelius

“Trees exhale for us so that we can inhale them to stay alive. Can we ever forget that? Let us love trees with every breath we take until we perish” – Munia Khan

“The sun loves the moon so much that he dies every night to let her breathe, and in return, she reflects his love.” – Jeffrey Fry

“The only depth where I can breathe, and don’t need to fight for air, is in your love.” – Anthony Liccione

“There is one way of breathing that is shameful and constricted. Then, there’s another way: a breath of love that takes you all the way to infinity.” – Rumi

“Spiritual Breathing teaches us that we are all connected in love.” – Dan Brule

“Love is a timeless commodity, and it’s as universal as the air we breathe.” – Moffat Machingura

“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

“If I had to choose between loving you and breathing, I would use my last breath to say I love you.”

“I love to breathe. Oxygen is sexy!” – Kris Carr

“I love being in the woods when I can just walk barefoot in the grass and just sit down and breathe. I love that so much.” – Jessie Reyez

“Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours.” – Swedish Proverb

“Every time you inhale, you are taking the strength from God. Every time you exhale, it is an act of love back to God.” – Krishna Das

“Equally as important as right thinking is right breathing. Your lungs take in from the air not only oxygen… but wisdom, love and vital and mental power. The shallow breather robs himself literally of health, happiness and success.” – Elizabeth Jones Towne

“Deep breaths are like little love notes to your body.”

“Breathing in, I am aware of my whole body. Breathing out, I relax my whole body. Breathing in, I calm my whole body. Breathing out, I love my body. Breathing in, I smile to my whole body. Breathing out, I release the tension in my body. Breathing in, I feel joyful. Breathing out, I feel stable.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

“Breathe it all in. Love it all out.”

“Breathe in love, breathe out hate.”

“You are breathing patiently; it is a beautiful sound. It is your life, which is so close to my own that I would not know.” – Mary Oliver

“Words are the bones. Writing is the lungs. Reading is like breathing.” – T.L. Crain

“Without full awareness of breathing, there can be no development of meditative stability and understanding.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

“With every breath, I breathe in so much of inspiration.” – Sharad Vivek Sagar

“While we breathe, we will hope.” – Barack Obama

“Loving you is like breathing. How can I stop?”

“Listen, are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?” – Mary Oliver

“Life isn’t measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

“Meditation is a universal practice, and our breath is a universal language.” – Heidi M. Morrison

“Our breathing should be pleasant and joyful. If you are ever unsure about what to do, go back and enjoy your breathing.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

“Life is pretty easy. Breathe in and breathe out, then repeat.”

“Regulate the breathing, and thereby control the mind.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

“Oxygen is to fire as hope is to the human soul.” – Craig D. Lounsbrough

“We breathe so that the trees thrive and the trees breathe so that we are able to live. Perfect symbiosis.” – Sanchita Pandey

“Water is such a lifesaver into which we cannot breathe but without taking it into us we cannot live” – Munia Khan

“What excites me is just taking some time to breathe in life. The mundane is very exciting.” – Viola Davis

“This is universal. You sit and observe your breath. You can’t say this is a Hindu breath or a Christian breath or a Muslim breath.” – Charles Johnso

“Just breathe.”

“It can still be a good day if the only thing you did was breathe.” – Johnny Lung

“Freedom is strangely ephemeral. It is something like breathing; one only becomes acutely aware of its importance when one is choking.” – William E. Simon

“For breath is life, so if you breathe well you will live long on earth.” – Sanskrit Proverb

“I take a few moments in the morning just to breathe while I drink my morning coffee or right before I get out of bed.” – Ayesha Curry

“I meditate. I breathe out what I can’t control and focus on the positives.” – Deepika Padukone

“He who allows his day to pass by without practicing generosity and enjoying life’s pleasures is like a blacksmith’s bellows: he breathes but does not live.” – Indian Proverb

“Full breathing lets in power. It permits an influx of power to every part of the body.” – Elizabeth Jones Towne

“Each breath is like a little rebirth, a renaissance that can only be celebrated if we recognize that it’s happening.” – Cristen Rodgers

“Don’t tell me that I can’t do it. Go and tell God that story. After all, He is the one who gave me the air to breath and be able to do it well! Go!” – Israelmore Ayivor

“Focusing on the act of breathing clears the mind of all daily distractions and clears our energy enabling us to better connect with the spirit within.”

“Breathe and you dwell in the here and now.” – Annabel Laity

“Improper breathing is a common cause of ill health.” – Dr. Andrew Weil

“Breathing control gives man strength, vitality, inspiration, and magic powers.” – Zhuangzi

“All chronic pain, suffering, and diseases are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cell level.” – Dr. Arthur C. Guyton

“Bliss begins with the breath. We breathe in and accept all that is new. We breathe out, and release all that has passed.” – Sara Wiseman

“Better the cold blast of winter than the hot breath of a pursuing elephant.” – Chinese Proverb

“Breathe. It’s only a bad day, not a bad life.” – Johnny Depp

“Breathe. Don’t panic and flee. Sink. Feel it all. Imagine. Let it burn.” – Glennon Doyle

“Breathe… Let the air become you, and then leave you. Forgive each breath because, although it abandons you every single time, it also brings you life. A man who cannot forgive the air has no chance of living.” – Edmond Manning

“As the fire blazes brightly when the covering of ash over it is scattered by the wind, the divine fire within the body shines in all its majesty when the ashes of desire are scattered by the practice of pranayama. Prana in the body of the individual is part of the cosmic energy. In pranayama an attempt is made to harmonise the individual breath with the cosmic breath.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

“Breathe easy.”

“Breath is life. We should pay as much attention to it as any other aspect of beingness.” – Swami Nostradamus Virato

“As long as your breathe is not the final one, you still have a hope!” – Israelmore

“Breath is the link between mind and body.” – Dan Brule

“As long as I breathe, I attack.” – Bernard Hinault

“Breathe. Believe. Receive.”

“Are you a stingy breather? Well, don’t be. Be extravagant with you breathing and come fully alive.” – Ron Fletcher

“Inhale the future, exhale the past.”

“If you’re still breathing, you’re still in the race.”

“I want to rest. I want to breathe quietly again.” – Tennessee Williams

“Breathe. Step back. Think, then react.”

“Breathe and you know that you are alive.” – Annabel Laity


Breathing Nature Quotes

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“Nature has provided that all great things should be essentially simple. It is thus with the process of breathing, which is the chief vital functioning of the body… [S]o far as possible, all inhalation of air should be through the nose… If there is a tendency to breathe through the mouth, this will be manifested most decidedly at night, when you are asleep, and the muscles are relaxed… If you find that you are in the habit of sleeping with the mouth open — awakening in the morning with a dry, harsh throat, it might be well to adopt the device which Dr. William H. Fitzgerald introduced to the medical profession almost 20 years ago. This consists merely in applying a small piece of surgeon’s adhesive plaster over the closed lips, keeping them closed during all the hours of the night.” – Edward Lankow

“Breathing is a means of awakening and maintaining full attention in order to look carefully, long, and deeply, see the nature of all things, and arrive at liberation.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

“Breath is the finest gift of nature. Be grateful for this wonderful gift.” – Amit Ray

“You know that our breathing is the inhaling and exhaling of air. The organ which serves for this is the lungs which lie round the heart. Thus breathing is a natural way to the heart. And so, having collected your mind within you, lead it into the channel of breathing through which air reaches the heart and, together with this inhaled air, force your mind to descend into the heart and to remain there… Accustom it, brother, not to come out of the heart too soon, for at first it feels very lonely in that inner seclusion and imprisonment… But when it gets accustomed to it… the mind when it unites with the heart is filled with unspeakable joy and delight.” – Saint Nikephoros the Monk

“One conscious breath in and out is a meditation.” – Eckhart Tolle

“Only those who know how to breathe will survive.” – Pundit Acharya

“Walking through the house at night is wonderful to me; a symphony of breath, each person a separate instrument as they collectively breathe in time to the metronome of life itself.” – Edwin Leap

“Virtually all of the oxygen we breathe is used to produce energy in our cells.” – Dave Asprey

“To travel is to breathe sentience into one’s ambitions.” – Saim .A. Cheeda

“What art offers is space — a certain breathing room for the spirit.” – John Updike

“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“To breathe properly is to live properly.” – Robin Sharma

“Breathe, it’s just a bad day, not a bad life.”

“Breathe softly into it, accepting all that is present with a healing kindness.” – Jack Kornfield

“Memory, when it juts, retreats, recovers, shows us how to hold the darkness, how to breathe.” – Drew Myron

“Breathe and relax.” – Danielle Barone

“Money is like oxygen. If you don’t exhale, you’re not breathing.” – Marci Geller

“You can’t BREED at a place where you can’t BREATHE. Therefore, FIX yourself where you FIT.” – Israelmore Ayivor

“The more we talk about our troubles and our fears, the more life we breathe into them.” – Evinda Lepins

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” – Amit Ray

“I write because sometimes I feel I cannot breathe…until I do.” – Karris Callahan

“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.” – Oprah Winfrey

“Air is the substance on which principally we feed. What we eat is of secondary importance. The purity of the blood and the strength of the arteries through which it throbs depend absolutely upon right breathing. The greater the quantity of air taken into the lungs, the more oxygen for the purification of the blood — the constant and prime requirement for health.” – Edward Lankow

“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

“Breath is Spirit. The act of breathing is Living.”

“Being from a small town, no one else was going to breathe life into my ideas other than me, so I had to go out there and do it.” – Matt Bellamy

“ay our twilights mix together like breath and breathlessness.” – Sanober Khan

“As you waste your breath complaining about life, someone out there is breathing their last. Appreciate what you have.”

“He lives most life whoever breathes most air.” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

“Breathing in, let golden light come into you through your head.” – Osho

“Breathe and don’t try to be perfect.” – Nicole Kidman

My breath is an entryway to a place of inner calm.

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