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Don’t Let Momentary Glory Be Your Only Legacy

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At a recent high school reunion, everyone happily shared their updates.

Years after graduation, we’ve all changed a lot: some have been promoted, some are starting businesses, and many are pursuing further studies in their spare time.

Most have a clear direction, silently working towards their life goals.

Except for Kai.

Compared to others’ achievements, Kai seemed to have little joy to share, only reminiscing about the past: “It’s been so many years since the college entrance exam. I performed exceptionally well, scoring over 600 and ranking high in our school. I miss those days…”

I’ve lost count of how many times Kai has told this story.

At every gathering, he brings it up as his crowning achievement. When we celebrate scholarships or promotions, he’s still boasting about his exam score.

If one clings to a past peak, they’ll forget to climb further.

Kai did enter a prestigious university, but wasted those years, barely earning his degree. He returned home for a mundane office job, showing no progress over the years.

Life is a marathon, and early leads don’t guarantee lifelong leads.

Achieving something at one stage merely marks a victory for that phase. For the future, however bright the moment, it’s just the starting point.

Resting on past laurels means watching others move ahead, widening the gap between you.


My former roommate, Fan, is the most driven person in my circle, seemingly excelling at everything she tries.

Graduating from a prestigious university, her stellar grades and internship performance landed her a job at a renowned media company. Despite a high starting point, she remained humble and eager to learn from scratch.

She spent days learning from seniors and nights, regardless of how late, reviewing her work and preparing for the next day’s interviews.

Soon, she stood out among newcomers, often handling significant interviews and winning awards in industry competitions.

Yet, she remained as studious as ever, studying and reciting well-written articles she admired.

I’ve seen her quickly dive into the next challenge after each achievement.

When asked why she dismisses her successes, she said:

“If you keep holding onto past trophies, you’ll only have that one trophy; putting it away means winning more.”

In just a few years, Fan’s capabilities and progress skyrocketed, leaving me in awe.

The truly excellent reset themselves. They know their direction, not just in failure but also in success, never easing up on self-demands.


There’s a saying: “Running water does not rot, nor does a door hinge rust.”

It means water must flow to stay clear and hinges must move to prevent decay.

Life is the same.

Maintaining a state of learning and striving keeps us positively progressing, constantly unlocking new skills and growing.

Once you stop, you’ll deplete your reserves and struggle to regain your initial momentum, like stagnant water that never changes.

No achievement lasts a lifetime for enjoyment.

If you aim for continual glory, be willing to let go of past achievements, set new goals, and embark on new challenges.

Don’t let your momentary spotlight be your life’s only talking point.

Life’s journey is long, with more glories ahead. Never underestimate yourself.

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