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270 Best Fishing Quotes And Sayings

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Fishing is a favorite pastime of many people passed down from generation to generation. It’s a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and a chance to practice patience. Depending on the day, it’s an activity meant for solitude and excellent company.

Fishing is not just about standing on a riverbank and staring into the water. It is a way of life and an endless source of fun. Fishing has a way of slowly taking over your life until it is something you think about all the time. Anglers like to share stories about their adventures, and they want to have a good laugh too.

For centuries people have tried to describe Fishing with pen and paper. In this article, we look at some of the funniest and most memorable FishingFishing quotes to help fill the void in your life until you’re back out on the water catching some fish. We hope the following fishing quotes remind you of great times FishingFishing. The list includes inspirational fishing quotes, funny fish sayings, and famous fishing quotes. Enjoy!

Best Fish Quotes, Sayings And Phrases

Top 10 Fishing Quotes

“You think of its speed, its floating, flashing body seen through the water…If I made fins and eyes and scales, I would arrest its movement, give a pattern or shape of reality. I want just the flash of its spirit.” – Constantin Brancusi

“You know when they have a fishing show on TV? They catch the fish and then let it go. They don’t want to eat the fish, they just want to make it late for something.” – Mitch Hedberg

“You know fish is great brain food.” – “Well, you know, then you should fish for a whale!” – Larry and Moe

“You [demagogues] are like the fishers for eels; in still waters they catch nothing, but if they thoroughly stir up the slime, their fishing is good; in the same way it’s only in troublous times that you line your pockets.” – Aristophanes

“It has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming.” – John Steinbeck

“It doesn’t matter if the rod is or isn’t bent. Time spent fishing is time well spent.” – Justin Morgan

“In this ever-changing world, there are few things that have remained constant for me. The chance of hooking a nice trout still excites and thrills me to this day… just as it did when I was a kid. I like that!” – M.A. Bookout

“In every species of fish I’ve angled for, it is the ones that have got away that thrill me the most, the ones that keep fresh in my memory. So I say it is good to lose fish. If we didn’t, much of the thrill of angling would be gone.” – Ray Bergman

“If, as I suspect, trout fishing is something of a disease, then it is also something of therapy in itself.” – –Tom Sutcliffe

“Good friends are like fish. You need to have patience to catch a good one.” – Achirman Roy

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Don't teach a man how to fish and you feed yourself. He's a grown man. Fishing isn't that hard. RON SWANSON

Best Fishing Quotes

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“Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in. I drink at it; but while I drink I see the sandy bottom and detect how shallow it is. Its thin current slides away, but eternity remains.” – Henry David Thoreau

“Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in its thin current slides away, but eternity remains.” – Henry David Thoreau

“Tight lines, warm breezes, good friends, plenty of bait it doesn’t get any better.”

“Three-fourths of the Earth’s surface is water, and one-fourth is land. It is quite clear that the good Lord intended us to spend triple the amount of time fishing as taking care of the lawn.” – Chuck Clark

“There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.” – Steven Wright

“There will be days when the fishing is better than one’s most optimistic forecast, others when it is far worse. Either is a gain over just staying home.” – Roderick Haig-Brown

“There is only one reason in the world to go fishing: to enjoy yourself. Anything that detracts from enjoying yourself is to be avoided.” – Leigh Perkins

“There are two types of fisherman – those who fish for sport and those who fish for fish.”

“There are some fish that cannot be caught. It’s not that they are faster or stronger than other fish, they’re just touched by something extra.” – Edward Bloom in “Big Fish”

“There are only two occasions when Americans respect privacy, especially in Presidents. Those are prayer and fishing.” – Herbert Hoover

“There are always new places to go fishing. For any fisherman, there’s always a new place, a new horizon.” – Jack Nicklaus

“Fishing is a discipline in the equality of men–for all men are equal before fish.” – Herbert Hoover

“Fishing is a delusion entirely surrounded by liars in old clothes.” – Don Marquis

“Fisherman’s prayer: Lord, help me to catch fish so large, that even I, in the telling of it, never need to lie.”


Short Fishing Quotes

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“You say I`m a compulsive fishing freak like it’s a bad thing.”

“To fish or not to fish? What a stupid question!”

“Time spent fishing is time well spent.” – Justin Morgan

“Those who die with the most days fishing, wins.”

“There’s no taking trout with dry breeches.” – Cervantes

“There is no limit to how many times you can go fishing.”

“That’s about as big as a fish that big gets.”

“So long, and thanks for all the fish.” – Douglas Adams

“It is not a fish until it is on the bank.” – Old British saying

“Gone fishing. Be back for deer season.”

“Gone fishing, catch you later!”

“Gone fishin’, be back at dark-thirty!”

“Happiness is a fishing trip with your dad.”

“Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.”

“Great fish do not swim in shallow waters.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

“Good things come to those who bait.”

“I don’t go fishing to find myself, but to lose myself.”

“I don’t exaggerate – I just remember big.” – Chi Chi Rodriguez

“I don’t always tell people where to fish, but when I do, it’s a lie.”

“I got a fishing rod for my wife – good trade.”

“I got 99 problems and fishing solves all of them.” – Earl Dibbles Jr

“I go fishing not to find myself but to lose myself.” – Joseph Monniger

“Fishing is fun…catching is better.”

“A bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at the office!”

“A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.”

“I spent most of my money on fishing. The rest I wasted.”

“I only make movies to finance my fishing.” – Lee Marvin

“I fish because the voice in my head tells me to.”

“Fly fishermen are born honest, but they get over it.” – Ed Zern

“Fishing seems to be the favorite form of loafing.” – F. W. Howe

“Fishing saved me from being a porn star, now I’m just a hooker!”

“Fishing is the sport of drowning worms.”

“Carpe Diem” – does not mean “fish of the day.”

“A man and his boat do not need to be justified.”

“Even a fish wouldn’t get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut.”

“Early to bed…early to rise…fish all day…make up lies.”

“Fish stories told here…. some true!”

“Fishing – it’s all about how you wiggle your worm!”

“Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught.”

“No good fish goes anywhere without a porpoise.” – Lewis Carroll

“My mind has gone fishing. Ask questions tomorrow.”

“Govern a family as you would cook a small fish–very gently.” – Chinese proverb

“A chub is the worst fish that swims.” – Izaak Walton, ‘The Compleat Angler.’

“A child without a mother is like a fish in shallow water.” – Myanmar Proverb

Fishing, with me, has always been an excuse to drink in the daytime.

Funny Fishing Quotes

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“Yes, there are plenty of fish in the sea. But the problem is, I stopped fishing after I found you.”

“Work is for people who don’t know how to fish!”

“Women are like fish; fun to catch, fresh ones are better and when you decide to keep one, it will cost you a lot of money.”

“Which fish dresses the best? A: A swordfish because it always looks sharp!” – Johnny B. Laughing

“When they go fishing, it is not really fish they are after. It is a philosophic meditation.” – E.T. Brown

“What a tourist terms a plague of insects, the fly fisher calls a great hatch.” – Patrick F. McManus

“was glad to be off the hook, which had been the second time that week as she had recently broke an addiction from fishing on the nearby bay” – J.S. Mason

“Wanted: Good woman – Must be able to clean, cook, sew, dig worms and clean fish. Must have boat and motor. Please send picture of boat and motor.”

“To him, all good things—trout as well as eternal salvation—come by grace and grace comes by art and art does not come easy.” – Norman Maclean

“To go fishing is one of the most pleasurable experiences I can imagine.” – Fennel Hudson

“Last year I went fishing with Salvador Dali. He was using a dotted line. He caught every other fish.” – Steven Wright

“Just as in cooking there’s no such thing as a little garlic, in fishing there’s no such thing as a little drag.” – H.G. Tapply

“It’s okay to have fish because they don’t have feelings.” – Kurt Cobain

“It is to be observed that ‘angling’ is the name given to fishing by people who can’t fish.” – Stephen Leacock

“It is impossible to grow weary of a sport that is never the same on any two days of the year.” – Theodore Gordon

“It is admirable for a man to take his son fishing, but there is a special place in heaven for the father who takes his daughter shopping.” – John Sinor

“Now I can look at you in peace; I don’t eat you anymore.” – Franz Kafka

“No human being, however great, or powerful, was ever so free as a fish.” – John Ruskin

“My golf game’s gone off so much that when I went fishing a couple of weeks ago my first cast missed the lake.” – Ben Crenshaw

“My fishing buddies call me Dad.”

“My Biggest worry is that when I’m dead and gone, my wife will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it.” – Koos Brandt

“Most of the world is covered by water. A fisherman’s job is simple: Pick out the best parts.” – Charles Waterman

“Most fishermen swiftly learn that it’s a pretty good rule never to show a favorite spot to any fisherman you wouldn’t trust with your wife.” – John Voelker

“Men shouldn’t fish with women because they always beat them. Women are at their best when fishing – no matter what.”

“Men and fish are alike. They both get into trouble when they open their mouths.”

“If your concentration is getting bad, take up bass fishing. It will really improve your ability to focus. If you aren’t ready when that fish hits, you can’t set the hook.” – Lee Trevino

“If you don’t like fishing raise your hand! —- Now slap yourself because you are an idiot!”

“If I’ve gone missing, I’ve gone fishing!” – or “If my keys are missin’ I’ve gone fishin’!”

“If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago.” – Zane Grey

“If fishing is interfering with your business, give up your business.” – Sparse Grey Hackle AKA Alfred W. Miller

“If all politicians fished, instead of spoke publicly, we would be at peace with the world.” – Will Rogers

“I want everybody to go jump in the ocean to see for themselves how beautiful it is, how important it is to get acquainted with fish swimming in the ocean, rather than just swimming with lemon slices and butter.” – Sylvia Earle

“Give a man a fish; he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and you will find bait in the fridge.”

“Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll buy a funny hat. Talk to a hungry man about fish, and you’re a consultant.” – Scott Adams

“Give a man a fish, and he has food for a day; teach him how to fish, and you can get rid of him for the entire weekend.” – Zenna Schaffer

“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he’ll sit in a boat with a fishing pole and drink beer all day.” – Lorena McCourtney, ‘Invisible.’

“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Give a man a sub-prime fish loan and you’re in business, buddy.” – Stephen Colbert

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.” – George Carlin

“Game fish are too valuable to be caught only once.” – Lee Wulff

“Fly-fishing is the most fun you can have standing up.” – Arnold Gingrich

“Fly-fishing is solitary, contemplative, misanthropic, scientific in some hands, poetic in others, and laced with conflicting aesthetic considerations. It’s not even clear if catching fish is actually the point.” – John Gierach

“Fly-fishing is a magic way to recapture the rapture of solitude without the pangs of loneliness.” – John D. Voelker

“Fish is the only food that is considered spoiled once it smells like what it is.” – P.J. O’Rourke

“Fish come in three sizes: small, medium, and the one that got away!”

“Everyone should believe in something; I believe I’ll go fishing.” – Henry David Thoreau

“Don’t tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly, don’t tell them where they know the fish.” – Mark Twain

“Different fields, different grasshoppers; different seas, different fish.” – Indonesian Proverb

“Dear Lord, give me the serenity to accept the size of fish I catch, the courage not to lie about it and the wisdom to know that none of my fishing buddies would believe me anyway!”

“Creeps and idiots cannot conceal themselves for long on a fishing trip.” – John Gierach

“Comedians get jokes offered to them, rock stars get women and underwear thrown on stage, and I get guys that want to take me fishing.” – Les Claypool

“Catching fish is low on my agenda when I go fishing. I’m much more interested in savoring the day and exploring the wildlife of the river.” – Fennel Hudson

There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot. Steven Wright

Fly Fishing Quotes

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“There is no greater fan of fly fishing than the worm.” – Patrick F. McManus

“One great thing about fly fishing is that after a while nothing exists of the world but thoughts about fly fishing.” – Norman Maclean

“In our family, there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing” – Norman in “A River Runs Through It”

“If you’ve got short, stubby fingers and wear reading glasses, any relaxation you would normally derive from fly fishing is completely eliminated when you try to tie on a fly.” – Jack Ohman

“If fishing is a religion, fly fishing is the high church.” – Tom Brokaw

“Fly fishing may be considered the most beautiful of all rural sports.” – Frank Forester

“Fly fishing for trout is like raising children; you never know what’s going to happen next.” – Jimmy D. Moore

“There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind.” – Washington Irving

“There he stands, draped in more equipment than a telephone lineman, trying to outwit an organism with a brain no bigger than a breadcrumb, and getting licked in the process.” – Paul O’Neil

“Then he felt the gentle touch on the line and he was happy.” – Ernest Hemingway

“The water you touch in a river is the last of that which has passed, and the first of that which is coming; thus it is with time.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

“The two best times to fish is when it’s raining and when it ain’t.” – Patrick F. McManus

“The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow.” – Jim Hightower

“The only thing bad about winning the pennant is that you have to manage the All-Star Game the next year. I’d rather go fishing for three years.” – Whitey Herzog

“The metronome of our music and poetry isn’t the ocean, it’s fish.” – Bren Smith

“The man who coined the phrase ‘money can’t buy happiness,’ never bought himself a good fly rod.” – Reg Baird

“The great charm of fly-fishing is that we are always learning.” – Theodore Gordon

“The gods do not deduct from man’s allotted span the hours spent in fishing.” – Herbert Hoover

“The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad.” – A.K. BestMats Hagwall

“The fishing is good in troubled waters.” – German Proverb

“The fisherman knows that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.” – –Vincent Van Gogh

“The fisherman fishes as the urchin eats cream buns, from lust.” – –T.H. White

“The fish is not so much your quarry as your partner.” – Arnold Gingrich

“The fish and I were both stunned and disbelieving to find ourselves connected by a line.” – William Humphrey

“The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of something that is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.” – John Bucha

“The best time to go fishing is when you can get away.” – Robert Traver

“The best fisherman I know try not to make the same mistakes over and over again; instead they strive to make new and interesting mistakes and to remember what they learned from them.” – John Gierach

“The best days an angler spends upon his river – the river which is Heraclitus’ river, which is never the same as the angler is never the same, yet is the same always – are those he recollects in tranquillity, as wintry weather lashes the land without, and he, snug and warm, ties new patterns of dry-fly, and remembers the leaf-dapple upon clear water and the play of light and the eternal dance of ranunculus in the chalk-stream.”

“The angling fever is a very real disease and can only be cured by the application of cold water and fresh, untainted air.” – Theodore Gordon

“The act of fishing transports us to a special world and a state of mind where we are free.” – Fennel Hadson

“The act of fishing – for fish, dreams, or whatever magic is available – is enough. It transports us to a special world, and a state of mind, where we are free.” – Fennel Hudson

“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.”

“Lots of people committed crimes during the year who would not have done so if they had been fishing. The increase of crime is among those deprived of the regenerations that impregnate the mind and character of the fisherman.” – Herbert Hoover

“Look at where Jesus went to pick people. He didn’t go to the colleges…he got guys off the fishing docks.”

“I used to like fishing because I thought it had some larger significance. Now I like fishing because it’s the one thing I can think of that probably doesn’t.” – John Gierach

“I thoroughly enjoy getting away from the game and going out fishing because it’s so relaxing, so quiet, and peaceful.” – Tiger Woods

“I still don’t know why I fish or why others fish, except that we like it and it makes us think and feel.” – Roderick Haig- Brown

“I propose that it only matters that you attempt to catch a fish. Doing so brings you close to nature.” – Fennel Hudson

“I only hope the fish will take half as much trouble for me as I’ve taken for them.” – Rudyard Kipling

“I marvel how the fishes live in the sea. Why, as men do a-land; the great ones eat up the little ones.” – William Shakespeare

“I like to fish. Fishing is always a way of relaxing.” – Tom Felton

“I know that the human being and the fish can coexist peacefully.” – George W. Bush

“I have laid aside business, and gone a’fishing.” – Izaak Walton

“I have fished through fishless days that I remember happily without regret.” – Roderick Haig Brown

“I fish to scratch the surface of those mysteries, for nearness to the beautiful, and to reassure myself the world remains.” – Carl Safina

“I fish better with a lit cigar; some people fish better with talent.” – Nick Lyons

“I don’t want to sit at the head table anymore. I want to go fishing.” – George Bush

“I do fish. I think there is a connection between thinking and fishing mostly because you spend a lot of time up to your waist in water without a whole lot to keep your mind busy.” – Anthony Doerr

“I am not eccentric. It’s just that I am more alive than most people. I am an unpopular electric eel set in a pond of catfish.” – Edith Sitwell

“I am not against golf, since I cannot suspect it keeps armies of the unworthy from discovering trout.” – Paul O’Neil

“He’s not the sharpest hook in the tackle-box.”

“He who wants to catch fish must not mind getting wet.” – Spanish Proverb

“He liked fishing and seemed to take pride in being able to like such a stupid occupation.” – Leo Tolstoy

“Having a fishing rod in your hand is merely an excuse to explore out-of-sight depths and reveal mysteries that previously only existed in dreams.” – Fennel Hudson

“Fishing, with me, has always been an excuse to drink in the daytime.” – Jimmy Cannon

“Fishing tournaments seem a little like playing tennis with living balls.” – Jim Harrison

“Fishing provides that connection with the whole living world. It gives you the opportunity of being totally immersed, turning back into yourself in a good way. A form of meditation, some form of communion with levels of yourself that are deeper than the ordinary self.” – Ted Hughes

“Fishing is unquestionably a form of madness but, happily, for the once-bitten there is no cure.” – Lord Home

“Fishing is not about the fish, it’s the time spent together catching them”

“Fishing is much more than fish. It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers.” – Herbert Hoover

“Fishing is marvelous… there is the irresistible urge to tangle with the mysterious and unknown, to rely on intuition and hunches.” – Katharine Weber

“Fishing is like sex. When it is great it is great. When it is bad, it is still great!”

“Fishing is like dating; it’s all catch and release until you find a keeper.”

“Fishing is fundamentally a game of chance, and at heart we are all gamblers.” – Dorothy Noyes Arms

“A fish only begins to realize its potential the moment you throw it in deep waters.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

“A day without fishing is like a day without sunshine.”

“Calling fishing a hobby is like calling brain surgery a job.” – Paul Schullery

“By the time I had turned thirty, I’d realized two important things. One, I had to fish. Two, I had to work for a living.” – Mallory Burton

“Bragging may not bring happiness, but no man having caught a large fish goes home through an alley.” – Ann Landers

“Be patient and calm—for no one can catch fish in anger.” – Herbert Hoover

“Bass fishermen watch Monday night football, drink beer, drive pickup trucks and prefer noisy women with big breasts. Trout fishermen watch MacNeil-Lehrer, drink white wine, drive foreign cars with passenger-side air bags and hardly think about women at all. This last characteristic may have something to do with the fact that trout fishermen spend most of the time immersed up to the thighs in ice-cold water.”

“Average girls dance on poles, the best ones fish with them.”

“At high tide, fish eat ants; at low tide, ants eat fish.” – Thai Proverb

“As no man is born an artist, so no man is born an angler.” – Izaak Walton

“Anytime I can sneak in a moment to fish and ride horses, I’m a happy camper!” – George Foreman

“Anyone can be a fisherman in May.” – Ernest Hemingway

“Angling may be said to be so like the mathematics that it can never be fully learnt.” – Izaak Walton

“Angling is extremely time-consuming. That’s sort of the whole point.” – Thomas McGuane

“Angling or float fishing I can only compare to a stick and a string, with a worm at one end and a fool at the other.” – Samuel Johnson

A bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at the office! AUTHOR UNKNOWN

Inspirationalfishing Quotes

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“Teach all men to fish, but first teach all men to be fair. Take less, give more. Give more of yourself, take less from the world. Nobody owes you anything, you owe the world everything.” – Suzy Kassem

“Sure, it was your idea and your fly, but he caught the big fish. Remember, fairness is a human idea largely unknown in nature.” – John Gierach

“Soon after I embraced the sport of angling I became convinced that I should never be able to enjoy it if I had to rely on the cooperation of the fish.” – Sparse Grey Hackle

“Somebody just back of you while you are fishing is as bad as someone looking over your shoulder while you write a letter to your girl.” – Ernest Hemingway

“Some go to church and think about fishing, others go fishing and think about God.” – Tony Blake

“Simon Peter saith unto them, I go a fishing. They say unto him, We also go with thee. They went forth, and entered into a ship immediately; and that night they caught nothing.” – John

“She’d also called me brave…unless she was talking to the catfish.” – Rick Riordan

“Sharing the fun of fishing turns strangers into friends in a few hours.” – Eugenie Clark

“Sell a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man how to fish, you ruin a wonderful business opportunity.” – Karl Marx

“Scholars have long known that fishing eventually turns men into philosophers. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher’s salary.” – Patrick McManus

“Remember when your GPS and a fish finder were rolled into one trusty unit called grandpa?”

“Remember folks, fish are like relatives. After two days, they stink.” – Bobby Heenan

“Reading about baseball is a lot more interesting than reading about chess, but you have to wonder: Don’t any of these guys ever go fishing?”

“Probably fishing is my first passion.” – Luke Bryan

“Opportunity is ever worth expecting; let our hood be ever hanging ready. The fish will be in the pool where you least imagine it to be.” – Ovid

“One thing becomes clearer as one gets older and one’s fishing experience increases, and that is the paramount importance of one’s fishing companions.” – John Ashley-Cooper

“O, Sir, doubt not that angling is an art; is it not an art to deceive a trout with an artificial fly?” – Izaak Walton

“An angler is a man who spends rainy days sitting on a muddy bank of rivers doing nothing because his wife won’t let him do it at home.”

“Always think like a fish, no matter how weird it gets.”

“A woman who has never seen her husband fishing doesn’t know what a patient man she married !”

“A wise man once said “Fuck it, I’m going fishing” – and he lived happily ever after”

“A trout is a moment of beauty known only to those who seek it.” – Arnold Gringrich

“A river is honored for its fish, not its size.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

“A real woman will not make you choose between her and fishing, a real woman will make you take her fishing and then proceed to catch the biggest fish.”

“A man may fish with the worm that hath eat of a king, and eat of the fish that hath fed of that worm.” – William Shakespeare

Fishing is food for the soul.

Fishing Quotes About Life

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“When we fish, we are awake. We are attuned to the environment, to the world, to the reverence and wonder of life.” – Dan Baughman

“We got no troubles…life is the bubbles, under the sea.” – Sebastian from The Little Mermaid

“There are two things in life you should never be late for, Number one is Church and Number two is fishing.”

“Thank you, dear God, for this good life and forgive us if we do not love it enough. Thank you for the rain. And for the chance to wake up in three hours and go fishing: I thank you for that now, because I won’t feel so thankful then.” – Garison Keillor

“Some people wait their entire life to find the right fishing buddy, I raised mine.”

“Some people will just never understand us, fishing isn’t just a pastime or a sport, it’s a way of life.”

“One fine fisherman lives here, with the catch of his life.”

“No life is so happy and so pleasant as the life of the well-govern’d angler.” – Izaak Walton

“Many of the most highly publicized events of my presidency are not nearly as memorable or significant in my life as fishing with my daddy.” – Jimmy Carter

“Life is like a game, but fishing is serious.”

“Life is just a series of obstacles preventing you from fishing.”

“I’ve gone fishing thousands of times in my life, and I have never once felt unlucky or poorly paid for those hours on the water.” – William Tapply

“If you have the virtue of patience, an hour or two of casting alone is plenty of time to review all you’ve learned about the grand themes of life.” – Carl Safina

“If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles.” – Doug Larson

“I’ve gone fishing thousands of times in my life, and I have never once felt unlucky or poorly paid for those hours on the water.” – William G. Tapply

“I don’t go fishing to escape my life; I go fishing to live my life.”

“I am firmly convinced that the ideal combination leading to a happy life is to have the time to both fish and read.” – Brian Murphy

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” – Maimonides

“Fishing provides time to think, and reason not to. If you have the virtue of patience, an hour or two of casting alone is plenty of time to review all you’ve learned about the grand themes of life. It’s time enough to realize that every generalization stands opposed by a mosaic of exceptions, and that the biggest truths are few indeed.” – Carl Safina

“Fishing provides time to think and a reason not to. If you have the virtue of patience, an hour or two of casting alone is plenty of time to review all you’ve learned about the grand themes of life.” – Carl Safina

“Fishing adds years to your life, and life to your years.”

“Fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it.” – Harry Middleton

“Fishing in a place, is a meditation on the rhythm of a tide, a season, an arc of a year, and the seasons of life.” – Carl Safina

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

“…as the old saying goes: if you teach a man to fish, he will feed himself for a lifetime. But if you just give him a fishing pole, he’ll have to teach himself.” – Zechariah Barrett

A woman, who has never seen her husband Fishing, doesn't know what a patient man she married! Author Unknown.

Fishing Quotes About Love

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“Women know why men love to go fishing. It is the only time they will hear the words wow, that’s a big one!”

“When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain.” – Mark Twain

“Well, I love fishing. I wouldn’t kill a fly myself but I’ve no hesitation in killing a fish. A lot of men are like that. No bother. Out you come. Thump. And that’s not the only reason.” – Norman MacCaig

“The solution to any problem — work, love, money, whatever is to go fishing, and the worse the problem, the longer the trip should be.” – John Gierach

“I love you like a fish loves water.” – If that doesn’t work, ty this one: “You are the only fish in the sea for me”

“I love talk and I love fishing. I’m having a ball.” – Martin Milner

“I love fishing. You put that line in the water and you don’t know what’s on the other end. Your imagination is under there.” – Robert Altman

“I love fishing. It’s transcendental meditation with a punchline.” – Billy Connolly

“I love fishing, any kind of fishing.” – Brandi Carlile

“I love fishing and surfing, and I work out every day.” – Karl Urban

“I love any discourse of rivers, and fish and fishing.” – Izaak Walton

“I fish because I love to, not because I regard fishing as so terribly important but because I suspect that so many of the other concerns of man are equally unimportant; and not nearly so much fun.”

“I fish because I love to . . . because I love the environs where trout are found . . . because I suspect that men are going along this way for the last time, and I for one don’t want to waste the trip . . . and, finally, not because I regard fishing as being so terribly important but because I suspect that so many of the other concerns of men are equally unimportant––and not nearly so much fun.” – John Voelker

“He who does not love his own language is worse than an animal and a smelly fish.” – José Rizal

“The fishing is a great relief for me. When I’m out there’s no cell phone ringing. I’m out there fishing with bears. I’m in the middle of God’s country catching tons of fish. I just absolutely love it.” – Rich Barry

“All Americans believe that they are born fishermen. For a man to admit a distaste for fishing would be like denouncing mother-love or hating moonlight.” – John Steinbeck

The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope. John Buchan

Final Words

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As you can see, fishing is a hobby or lifestyle. There are few better ways to spend a day than out on the water with a pole, lots of bait, and your thoughts.

You might be someone who goes fishing every chance you get or are just heading out for your first cast. Either way, the fishing quotes above will inspire your next fishing adventure.

Which of these fishing quotes and sayings resonated with you best? Do you have any other favorite quotes to add? Let us know in the comment section below.

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