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I’m Not Lucky, I Just Dare to Claim What I Deserve

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Luck: A Different Kind of Strength

Everyone says Lucy is the luckiest among us—a term tinged with both admiration and a hint of begrudging respect, as if luck compensates for what strength does not cover.

Lucy, not known for her looks, defies the cliché that luck favors only the beautiful. Her journey from a basic clerk to vice president, her marriage to an enviable husband, and her circle of impressive friends—her life seems to surpass her apparent capabilities, leading people to wonder why she’s so blessed.

Having known Lucy for years, I understand her “luck.” It’s about seizing the fleeting moments that life presents.

One day, as we planned to hit the gym after work, we shared an elevator with her boss. Lucy, unlike others who might have waited for the next one, chose to ride with him. Her ease and confidence during that ride, her ability to engage on topics from fitness to dining, left an impression. That moment of courage marked a turning point in her career.

Luck, as seen through Lucy’s eyes, is about recognizing and grabbing those brief opportunities that others might overlook.

Before Lucy’s wedding, while shopping for her shoes, she shared her views on marriage. Her relationship wasn’t a desperate grab at status but a mutual choice for a better future together, highlighting that luck is often a result of understanding one’s worth and making the most of one’s circumstances.

Talent and Insight: Forged Under Pressure

The story of Zhong Wuyan, a notably “unlucky” figure in history due to her appearance, yet celebrated for her intelligence, underscores that what we often see as luck is the result of hard work and perseverance. Her ability to stand out in ancient times, where physical beauty was significantly valued, shows that resilience and wit can pave the way for recognition and respect.

Many women, unnoticed for their looks, have devoted themselves to their passions and skills, emerging as talented and insightful individuals. Their “luck” is not a sudden windfall but the result of years of dedication and effort, often unseen by those who only notice the shine of success.

Refusing to Compromise: And Then Winning

The narratives of women who find love and fulfillment later in life, such as actresses and celebrities marrying at what society deems a “higher age,” illustrate that true luck is about not settling for less than one deserves. These stories challenge the notion of “leftover women,” showing that waiting for the right partner is not a sign of misfortune but a testament to self-worth and patience.

Just as J.K. Rowling’s late success with the Harry Potter series turned her life around, these women’s stories remind us that luck is often just a matter of timing, self-awareness, and the refusal to give up on one’s dreams.

In the end, as Lucy stood in her wedding shoes, her assertion that she’s not merely lucky but rather daring enough to claim what she deserves speaks volumes. It’s a truth that resonates with anyone who understands that real luck is about making choices that align with one’s values and strengths.

The courage to demand what one is entitled to often leads to a life of fulfillment and joy, proving that sometimes, luck is just another name for strength.

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