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Your Character Determines Your Future

Last Updated: February 18, 2024 by Team


Back in my hometown, I have two friends, Jack and Eric. Five years ago, Jack borrowed 50,000 yuan from Eric, claiming he urgently needed it for his renovation business and promised to pay it back within two years. Without hesitation, Eric lent him the money, trusting him enough not to require a written agreement. However, two years passed, and Jack never mentioned repaying the debt. Instead, he bought a new car in full payment.

When Eric asked for his money back, Jack kept making excuses. Sometimes he claimed he was not at home, other times his phone was unreachable, or he would even intentionally disappear. Eventually, their relationship soured, and Eric never got his money back, swallowing the loss silently. The village knew about this incident, and though no one spoke openly, everyone felt Jack’s behavior was dishonorable.

Two years later, as many as a hundred households in the village were relocating and needed their new homes renovated. Jack thought they would surely turn to him. However, despite his lower quotes, many villagers shunned him. His bad reputation had spread far and wide, and within a few years, his renovation business collapsed.

Sometimes, a person might temporarily benefit from dishonesty, but it’s not the right path. To stand firm, go far, and have the last laugh, one must rely on good character.


Recently, a friend’s company held a competition for a promotion, and a highly capable male colleague was unexpectedly passed over. He later found out that the general manager had removed him from consideration. The manager told him, “Young man, you need to learn not only how to work but also how to be a good person.”

After resigning in frustration, the true reason was revealed.

Once, the colleague had refused to make room for a delivery worker carrying a heavy package into an elevator, even though there was space. He deliberately pressed the close button while remarking that the delivery worker could take the stairs.

The general manager, learning of this, blacklisted him. A person who fails to respect others reveals a flawed character. Such individuals cannot be trusted with greater responsibilities.

Perhaps a person’s future depends on their intelligence, strength, and luck, but ultimately, character is the decisive factor.


I once heard from a reader about their experience at a private company that laid off many employees due to poor management. Many of the dismissed employees reacted badly, some destroying important documents, others secretly copying client contacts, and some spreading rumors about the boss.

This reader, though unhappy about losing their job, did not neglect their duties in their final month. They meticulously listed important matters to attend to during the handover.

Touched by their conduct, the boss recommended them to another company through an acquaintance. Due to their hard work and integrity, the reader quickly climbed the management ladder, with improved salary and benefits.

Character is the foundation of a person. Those who are kind, considerate, and avoid petty actions are often favored by fortune, supported by influential figures, and presented with opportunities.


Some say that skills and education are the keys to a good job, while emotional and intellectual intelligence are the protectors of a good position. However, every field has its experts. Those with bright futures are not those who twist the truth or scheme, but those with integrity under equal conditions.

You might be quick-witted, well-connected, and resourceful, but these are just bonuses. Being honest, kind, principled, and avoiding harm to others are essentials.

A person can improve their abilities, creativity, and strength over time, but poor character is a fatal flaw.

Good character is the conscience of behavior, the cultivation of personhood. Without it, nothing else matters. How far, how long, and how steady one goes in life depends crucially on their character.

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